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birdlyinlineThis is a creation that is out of this world. It is a virtual reality experience called the Birdly which takes up a space between technology and dreams. It is a virtually flying trip all around the world and in the process inviting others to do the same. The Birdly is a fully fledged body VR simulator that is designed in such a way that it makes the person experience the universal dream of flying.

How does the Birdly work?

First of all the user of the Birdly needs to put on a VR headset and climb face down on to a platform table that is in motion. Then the user needs to stretch the arms out like a bird in flight. Under the handout_12birdly_metarms and hands there are force feedback platforms that act like wings. In this way the user is simulated to control the flight and at the same time can experience the simulation and the resistance of the wind. There is a front mouthed fan that blows air at the exact angle thus making the user further feel that he or she is actually flying in the air.

While all this is going on there is activity inside the VR headset. A visual feedback is provided by hyper detailed, high resolution three D view or video. One can fly over the sea or desert, high mountains or low valleys and that is what one will experience on the Birdly. One can move to the left or to the right and the platform table balance well. One can go in for a swoop or a dive and the table will tilt forward. The effect is the same as an arcade style VR rides. The only difference is here the user is in full control of the flight.

What does the Birdly offer?

One is soaring through the skies with sunlight in your eyes and the wind blowing in your face while you go over the skyscrapers. You then swoop down and move towards the sea and suddenly take a sharp turn and move towards the right and into a desert area. You find it dry and so you soar up fly-in-virtualreality2and come back to the tall rise buildings. Unbelievable but true. Is it a bird or a plane or even Superman? No it is neither of these because it is the Birdly. This has been created by a Swiss team of designers and engineers. It offers the experience of a bird in flight. One can actually feel the wind against the face and also hear the sound of the wind. One can feel the headwind created by the fan that is kept in front of the installation. According to the speed of the bird the simulator regulates the head wind with a fan.

Usage of the Birdly

Besides gaming it has application in many fields such as medicine. It can be used as in micro invasive surgery or in museums where visitors can go back in time.

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Author | Shakirah Comments | 0 Date | August 22, 2016
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